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Synthetic Turf
Remove, Recycle, Replace...
then Maintain


We will recycle & reclaim your existing turf field in a few days preparing the existing base for brand new installation. If desired, infill can be extracted and reused.

Upon completion of our work, we will partner with you to maintain your new turf field investment with a program that is tailored around the amount of usage it takes.

Synthetic Turf Recycle & Reclaim

With our specialized removal equipment, we have the capabilities to remove your existing turf field in a few days providing bagged infill for reuse or simply rolled up with the turf and removed from the site.  Our equipment allows us to rapidly cut the turf field into rolls specifically sized for ease of loading onto transport trailers.

Our industry is rapidly advancing and many turf fields including infill systems are able to be recycled, reclaimed & repurposed for future post consumer use.


All synthetic turf fields with infill systems do require maintenance! If properly performed, routine maintenance will protect your investment and provide the longevity it deserves.  Our maintenance team will develop a custom program to fit your fields' needs, always keeping player safety and product performance in mind.

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