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Cooperative Purchasing 

  • The specifics of your project scope may determine which is the best co-op to use to address any financial needs within your purchasing department.

  • We can provide a co-op breakout which outlines the savings of using the cooperative purchasing program versus standard project pricing.


  • We can provide preliminary budgets as well as project references.


  • Once we get started, you, as the client, do not need to interact with the co-op program.


  • We will handle all of the correspondence and reporting to the co-op on your project’s behalf.  The  process is simple and would be happy to consult with your team and go over all of the details. 

A Streamlined Approach to Contract Bidding

Cooperative Purchasing

Our cooperative purchasing partners assist project owners by streamlining the procurement process. Customers can utilize our co-op partnerships to buy directly from us without the need to bid out their athletic facility or sports construction project. This procurement process saves the client time, money and ensures they are purchasing their desired superior quality products from a highly qualified contractor.

There are several cooperative purchasing programs to pick from nationally from based on your region and these programs are often referred to as co-ops. Based in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania, we often work under co-ops which are listed below:

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)

Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ)

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program

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